Q. What is CareCredit?

A. CareCredit is a revolving line of credit designed specifically for your healthcare needs. Plus, CareCredit can be used by your entire family for their ongoing treatment needs without having to reapply.

Q. How do I apply for CareCredit?

A. CareCredit is no longer available for new applicants, instead new customers can apply for Gem Visa, which has more interest free payment options available.

Q. I already have a CareCredit card, but would like to use it again. Can I?

A. Yes, you can use your CareCredit account at any CareCredit practice. As long as you have the available credit on your account, you can use your card for ongoing or new treatment and procedures, without the need to reapply.

Q. Why do I have to activate my CareCredit card?

A. For security reasons, cards are sent to you inactive so that persons for whom the cards were not intended cannot use them. Activating the card validates that the card has been received by you as intended and then allows you or your supplementary cardholder to use it for procedures.

Q. You've told me how an Interest Free promotion works, but what happens if I pay off my plan within the interest free period?

A. If you pay for your promotion balance within the interest free period, then you have no interest to pay at all. Just one of the great benefits of your CareCredit card!

If there is a balance outstanding at the end of the interest free period, interest will be charged on the balance remaining at the prevailing account rate.

Q. What if I don't pay off my Interest Free promotion within the Interest Free period?

A. If you do not pay your purchase off within the Interest Free period, or you choose to extend your payments beyond the interest free term, then that's fine. You can extend your payments out for as long as you need however, you will attract interest on the balance of the purchase that you have not yet paid.

If you have paid off part of the Interest Free closing balance, then interest will only apply to the remaining outstanding balance, not the original financed amount.

Q. If I take advantage of an Extended Payment Plan promotion, how would that work?

A. If you've paid for your procedure on an Extended Payment promotion, then the total value of your purchase, including interest, is spread into equal monthly repayments. The interest rate on instalments during the promotional period is at a special lower rate than the account rate. If there is a balance outstanding after the promotional period (ie. If a payment was not made), then interest is charged at the prevailing account rate, as shown in your Financial Table.

Q. Do I have to pay off my Interest Free purchase before I can use my card again?

No. Providing you have sufficient available credit left on your card, you can use that credit to take advantage of any type of promotional purchase offer, a regular interest bearing purchase or cash advance.

Q. What happens if I am unable to pay my CareCredit account in full by the end of the interest free period?

A. This means that your closing balance at the end of the interest free period will revolve into a regular interest bearing purchase balance (Just like a transaction on a normal credit card). In doing so, you will then be able to pay off your outstanding balance by making monthly repayments. The minimum monthly repayment is the highest of $25 or 3% of the total outstanding balance on your account. Interest will be charged on any outstanding balance at the applicable rate on a daily basis. Of course, if you are having financial difficulties paying your account, you should contact us on 1300 662 273.

Q. When does my interest free promotion start?

A. Once your treatment has commenced, and CareCredit has received all correctly completed paperwork from the practice, your account is created and your promotional period commences. Your first statement following a purchase will provide a summary of the promotional period (if any).

Q. Are there any fees and charges payable on my CareCredit account?

A. Yes, like all other CreditCards, fees and charges do apply to CareCredit. Please refer to your CareCredit Conditions of Use booklet with Financial Table that you received when you made your initial purchase. If you require another Conditions of Use booklet, you may request this by calling 1300 662 273 or visiting a practice that accepts the CareCredit card.

Q.How can I avoid paying other fees and charges?

A. Please click here to see how you can avoid paying other fees and charges on your CareCredit account.

A simpler, easier monthly statement.
To make it simpler for you to manage your account, we’ve also made your CareCredit statement clearer and easier to read. If you ever need to know more about information contained in your statements, the following descriptions should help. Please click here for more details.

Q.There have recently been some changes to my credit contract. What does this mean?

A.The changes are:

Effective 3rd September 2008
  • A Payment Handling Fee (BPAY Fee) of $0.50 will not be charged each time you make a payment on your account using online or telephone banking.
  • Changes to the following existing fees:
    • ATM withdrawal fee changes to 3% (previously 2%) or $3 (previously $2), whichever is greater.
    • Direct Credit Cash Advance fee is changed from the greater of 2% or $1.95 to the greater of 3% or $3 (capped at $30).
    • The account service fee is changed from $2.95 to $4.95.

Q.What do I do if I cannot afford to make my repayments?

A. If you are having difficulty making your minimum monthly repayments please talk to us. GE has a hardship policy which may allow us to tailor a solution to your situation. Please refer to GE's hardship page for more details.

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